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How To Apply Blush: In 4 Steps

Blush is one of those beauty products we have piles of but never seem to use unless it’s a fancy occasion or our faces really aren’t working for us for some reason (we *know* you know what we’re talking about). But it shouldn’t be that way–blush is actually pretty great/useful for a few reasons:

  • It makes everyone look young and healthy and alive, even a 1,700-year-old martyr who had all her teeth yanked out
  • It only comes in happy colors
  • It’s laughably easy to create a different mood by adjusting where you apply it

1. Apples

Ah, the ol’ smile and swirl. There’s a reason this is the standby, meaning the effect is cute, youthful, and subtle (when you’re not packing it on for a photo shoot). You’ve heard the “advice” that round face shapes shouldn’t attempt this one? Phooey.

2. Cheekbones

Another deserved standard. To reinforce the face’s angles and give a fashion-y effect, concentrate the blush high on the cheekbone. Chic.

3. Low on the cheek

Now we’re moving into more unusual territory. For Topshop’s Fall 2015 show, makeup artist Hannah Murray layered on an earthy red gel formula followed by two lip products (really) to give models ruddy, almost-wind-burned cheeks. Doesn’t it make you want to wear plaid and adopt a Wheaten Terrier just so you can take him for moonlit walks on the moors?

4. Near the eyes, AKA Chanel Couture Spring 

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